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10/25/14 (UPDATE): Found a link to the mini trailer!!! 

YouTube blocked it though....due to sound copyright. :( Boo....

BUT! Hit the source link below to see the trailer, as well as other info! :D

--->Trailer Site <---

It looks all the more promising now!!!! Cannot, cannot wait~!!!!!!!! >U< :la: :dummy:

  • The Night Juicer: <3 mins
  • Treasures in a Bottle: 8 mins
  • Occupational Hazards: 13 mins
Spoiler-ish Commentaries:
  • Olimar is seen in another short (3rd one) besides the first.
  • There are purple and white Pikmin!
  • Fiery Blowhog is seen animated for the first time.
  • Dat poor Red got his nose scrunched! XD;;; 
I'm shaking, pfffffff! It'll come to the 3DS eventually.


(No, no video link or anything - I WISH!) Hah....little rant time. :b 

Darn it, I can't update/edit my old journal. But murg, I'm going to go cry in the corner now. onion sad  In less than 6 hours from now, Miyamoto will host a talk and air those little animated Pikmin shorts in Japan. Stoned 

At least, I found a few interesting things:
The "movie" is about 23 minutes long. That makes it roughly 7-8 mins per story segment. Hmm, how can you stretch the "Night Juicer" to be that long? I can't imagine the Captain taking a full 5+ minutes to make juice. :? Unless, all three story parts aren't equally long, which would boo less Olimar. :C 

Then again, it all doesn't matter anyway, since I can't watch anything regardless. XD;; There's no stream for it, except one which requires payment, AND besides they don't even cover everything at the show, much less what I'm targeting, (Ah, btw, Big Hero 6 looks kinda interesting.)

Uwah, how I wish and wish for a kind soul in Japan to somehow showcase these. At least a few more pictures, but even better THINK ABOUT RELEASING OUTSIDE, NINTENDO!


I may be overhyping myself.....maybe it's actually bad? Like those god-awful Safari blurbs and Wind Waker Shorts.....D: Because to be frankly honest the apparent screenshot below looks...umm...kinda less polished compared to what we've seen in the game AND the commercials. Is it just me? :I

The far top picture looks fine though, but this one here, I don't know....Still wish it'll get enough positive reaction and inspire Nintendo to do more animations in other franchises as well. 

In other news......yesterday's Smash Brothers U Direct, HOLY COW, 8-PLAYERS AT ONCE!? *Looks around*.......*crickets*.....FML, I don't have LOCAL PLAYERS!!!!!!!!Aaarrrg  Sigh, I miss those times of being able to play with family or friends around. I shall smash on alone.onion head &quot;sigh&quot; 

FOR THE GROUP - Shipping name for Louie x Olimar 

77 deviants said Louimar
47 deviants said -Abstinence Vote - I just wanna see the results. :P
24 deviants said RuiOri (Japanese as Rui & Orima)
19 deviants said LouOli
6 deviants said I got another name suggestion! (Yes?)


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:iconask-captolimar:Red Pikmin icon by BlooRoolzCompLouie icon by BlooRoolzCompYellow pikmin icon by RibbonTwirl:iconblooroolzcomp: Blue pikmin icon by RibbonTwirl

Credit to RibbonTwirl C:



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I'll pass.

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Thanks for considering me though. :]
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well,alright~XD That's okay.
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